Friday, April 20, 2012

Chicks and Plants

Spring is here and most of the time the days are pleasant and sunny with cool nights. The days are getting longer, the grass is beautiful and it's almost time to get the veggies and flowers out. As you may recall, I live in an apartment, so I really don't have a huge garden, but I will make the most of it.  I firmly believe that life is not about what you have, rather how you live it. 

Garden ThymeI went to 'my' Southern States™ store a few days ago. I call it mine because it's not too far away, nor is it the only one in the Richmond area. Love that store!! They have their baby chicks in the store lobby in 3 or 4 different open containers.  As soon as I walked in the door, I heard the peeping. Now THAT was music to my ears. 
My dad used to take me to Ravel Brother's Feed Store (Isleta Blvd., South Valley, Albuquerque, NM) when I was a youngster.  I'm sure he went there to buy chicken feed or food for the milk cow and beef steer, but all I saw were the baby chicks. It was like going to the zoo for free.  Give me a blank check and the choice between dress shopping or Southern States - look out baby chicks, here I come.
After playing with and admiring the fuzzy little critters, I wandered around the store and out into the garden and plant section.  I picked up a few plants, including some succulents, sweet yellow banana peppers, dill and lavender. And lo and behold! I got a 4 inch pot of New Mexico Chile Peppers with 2 plants in it. Pure gold to me!  In addition to cucumber and onion seeds and the plants purchased, I received a FREE Topsy Turvy™ Tomato Planter that I'm going to try. 
May 1st is my date with the dirt and all these little guys are going outside.  I have a wild assortment of containers for my various plants including kitty litter buckets, a 5 gallon painter bucket a storage tub and some "actual" planter pots.  I've drilled holes in ALL for good drainage, so we're good to go.
On the days that are really nice, I set these babies out to harden off, so they should be happy when put into their new homes outside in just a couple of weeks.
Have a great weekend while you're enjoying your life, whether you live in the country or simply wish you did.
© 2012 Cat Brennan