Arts and Crafts

 This page holds the things that I make that just don't fit anywhere else - I hope you enjoy browsing through the items.  If you would like some help "copying" my ideas, please contact me.

Double Switch Plate Cover - so pretty in my
"Noah's Ark" themed bathroom.

Apples with Apples Single
Switch Plate Cover in my
"Vegetable Market" theme kitchen.

"Quilted" look
Single Switch Plate Cover throughout
the living room and sewing area.


FINISHED! Ironing Board Table
Ironing Board Table
to stand beside my sewing machine,
for small ironing as-I-sew, above and below.

Sparkle Plenty adjustable ring
fashioned from a pin.

I ♥ U adjustable ring from a pin.

An adjustable ring made from a
vintage button.

"Redneck Wine Glass"
Thoughtfully crafted with the best
pint-size Ball© Canning Jar atop
a fine clear glass candle stick. A wine charm
is added; a tiny pair of pliers attached
with a plastic "tie wrap".

3 pictures of the Padded Satin Hangers - above is the Bride's - see the
Chandelier Crystal hanging at the center?  Below are the ones for the Bridal Party.

'From the Beach'
Cocktail Picks

Decorated Doll Cake

Another decorated cake for Sorority

Rhinestone Jeweled 'School House' Jewelry Box

Rhinestone Jeweled LIGHTED Christmas Tree Picture(s)

Sponge Stamped and Painted
Tin Tea Canister

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