Sunday, May 12, 2013

Country Raggedy Quilt

This raggedy quilt was a fun project to put together last week. This is a simple quilt with instant gratification.  I didn’t purchase any new fabric for this project; both the squares on top and the flannel ‘lining’ that you cannot see were fabrics that I already had on hand.
crzmw2.jpg (27998 bytes)

This quilt, in fact, garnered one order to make a double/full-size bed and I expect more will follow.

The top are all random cotton fabrics; prints, solids, batiks and a host of others and the ‘lining’ is also of various cotton flannels. 

Putting it together is the fun part; effectively, it is self-quilted.  ALL of the seams are sewn ‘on the wrong side’ and are about 1 inch deep.  All of the seams end up on the outside, and once all are put together, each seam in clipped up to, but not through the stitching, every ¼ to ½ inch apart. 

Once all the seams are clipped, and it does take a while, the entire quilt is washed and dried repeatedly in an automatic washer and dryer. This process is what makes all the seams “raggedy”.

I used bits and pieces of the remaining cottons to sew a binding then ended up being 2 inches deep, finished.
Click ABOVE on the button "Cat-Fur-to-Kitten-Britches" to see the finished quilt.
 © 2013 Cat Brennan