Friday, October 9, 2015

Repurpose in the Country

     Old toothbrushes . . what to do with them? These little marvels make super-duper cleaning tools. 

     Toothbrushes as teeth-cleaning tools should be replaced regularly; at least every six months: ask your dentist about this.
     However, don't throw the old one away.
     First: "sterilize" the old brush. Let it sit overnight in a 1:1 ratio solution of bleach and water. Then, just for good measure, run it through a full cycle in your dishwasher.
     Now this little guy is ready for a plethora of jobs, so save 'em all.

  • Keep one at the front door or in the mud room to get the grit off shoes before entering your home.
  • Keep one near every sink, tub and shower to scrub around faucets and other hardware.
  • Use one with tiny amount of furniture polish to get into tiny and tight spaces that your dust cloth can't reach.
  • Keep one in the kitchen to scrub down the counters around the kitchen sink.
  • Another in the car for detailing.
  • How about a toothbrush for the kids' bicycles?
  • An old toothbrush WITH a bit of toothpaste makes dull jewelry sparkle*.
  • Your only limit is your imagination.
Do YOU have any good uses for old tooth brushes?

Before ending this save-the-toothbrush-campaign, a note of caution. MARK your "old toothbrushes so it isn't picked up and used by its former owner for its original purpose.

  • To mark the cleaning toothbrush, generously squiggle on it with a permanent Sharpie-type marker. OR -
  • Slather the tooth brush with some loud and gaudy nail varnish. OR -
  • Get into your craft box and "paint" the old fang cleaner with craft paint or paint markers. OR -
  • Wrap the toothbrush with duck-tape - ANY color.
Voila! Instant cleaning tool and one less piece of plastic in the land fill.

* (do NOT use this method with pearls or opals or costume jewelry that is glued in or on)!

© 2015 Cat Brennan