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Cat Brennan
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Location: Central Virginia : United States

I BLOG because I love to write, always remembering the following: "If I wouldn't want my mother to read it, why then would I write it?"© 2008 - 2012.

I have FIVE amazing and wonderful, grown children, more grand kids than you can imagine (think two baseball teams+). I love life.

I'm surrounded by some wise and loving girl friends. Have lived in 5 different states, from the Great Southwest to the East Coast.

Sewing is another passion!  Some of my projects include: a tailored 3-piece man's suit and western shirts, diapers and rompers, shorts and T-shirts, PJ's and bathrobes, lingerie and swimsuits, dresses and blouses and tons of items for my home and for gifts.

I make Christmas ornaments every year for my family. One year I didn't, and I have "never heard the end of it."

            Save the Earth... http://www.freecycle.org/ ...tell a friend to join today!!

For some additional "radio fun" check out one of my favorite links to A fellow Old Disc Jockey - I think you'll enjoy him and his trivia.

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