Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday in the Country

        Swaddling Gauze Blankets have become more and more popular in the Western Civilization, but please, use with caution.  Do NOT wrap your babies too tightly as has been done for centuries in the middle east. Studies have shown that the overly-tight wrapping has caused babies organs to be displaced and even harmed from the too-tight-wrapping.

        Here's a good "rule of thumb" to use in your garden.  If you are growing a crop for its fruit or its root, it requires full sun.  If you are growing a crop for its leaves or its stems, partial shade is best.

        Ever wonder which glue or adhesive to use for this project or that repair? Here's a cool website with the answers:
           This is a simple, no-frills web site that is very useful.

         And, just so you know about the "rule of thumb".  Back 'in the day' when men were allowed to beat their wives into submission, the law stated that they could not use a stick bigger than a thumb - thus, the rule of thumb. (yeah, don't get me started).

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Words: Wacky or Wise

Happy Pig clip art
Do you sometimes wonder how your tax dollars are spent? How about this one: Several years ago, a united states government funded study discovered that pigs can become alcoholics. Wow - how about pork intervention???