Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fiesta in the Country!

¡Viva, La Fiesta!

I had a Fiesta for my April Birthday Celebration. My family is scattered all over the country; about half of us live on the east coast and most of the rest in the great Southwest with a few sprinkled in the mid-west. As a result, birthday gifts will often arrive over a period of several days - NOT a problem! and therefore, our birthdays are Fiestas.  ¡Arriba!

This was my Fiesta Menu:
   Tamale Pie (My own recipe)
   Authentic Guacamole (My mom's recipe)
   Chile con Queso (my recipe) a wee bit spicy!
   Salsa with Chips (Thank you Señor Pace)
   Biscochitos (Cookies traditionally made at Christmas time in Mexican homes. The     Biscochito is the OFFICIAL COOKIE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO  per LEGISLATION).

   We used napkins that I made from a 'hot' chili pepper cotton print.  My birthday cake was not of "fiesta" origin; rather my mom's 'famous' Christmas Cake with the most delicious Cooked Brown Sugar Icing you've ever had (Brown Sugar ANYTHING is to ME what Chocolate is to Choco-holics). 

   Of course, we had  beverages: Ginger Ale or Peach Margaritas (Instead of the traditional salt on regular margarita glasses, we rimmed them with  lime and dipped in red sugar).  We used wine glass charms with little Red Chili Peppers that I fashioned from Fimo™ Clay then I added a small wooden heart with each guest's name printed on it; both attached to a hooked wire loop and around the glass stem .. no mixing up who's margarita glass was who's. 

   Those were fun to make and practical.  I have a can of Black Blackboard Paint (thank you Free Cycle), so I painted the simple little wooden hearts with that. Then, I penned each guest's name on them with Chalk Ink™. This medium will wipe off with a damp cloth, so the charms can be reused.

   We talked. laughed, and ate; and yes, I received a lot of wonderful gifts.

   If you need help with your Fiesta, I'll be glad to share recipes with you;
 just send me a message or an email.Fiesta Hat clip art

  Have a great weekend whether you live in the country, or just wish you did!

© 2012 Cat Brennan