Saturday, March 6, 2010

Country Gardening and Car Care

      The weekend is off to a great start with plans to clean up the patio and get ready for spring plants.  A friend has promised me some heirloom tomato plants and I have five new clean and empty plastic containers ready for good soil and container gardening.  Add these white former kitty litter buckets to the containers from last year and we're set for good veggies and plenty of space for them. 
      In addition to the tomatoes, there will be carrots for Miss InjaPig, Rosemary, Basil,Chives, Geraniums and Marigolds (remember to grow lots of basil to chase off those pesky fruit flies).  Is my tiny patio ready for some green beans? We'll soon find out! 
      Car care! There is nothing this Country Gal likes less than car care.  My mantra is this: put in gas and go!
      My first experience pumping gas was probably in the mid to late seventies.  A brand new self serve gas station had opened.  It was the only one of its kind in the small community and that made it a natural for an all day remote broadcast for our radio station.  There I was, in a dress, stockings and sling-back high heels, pumping gas and doing live "play by play" on the air.
      Did you know that gas hoses did not always come with an automatic shut off? I made the mistake of looking away while pumping gas and talking and pumped gas into my brand new high heels! 
      From then on, instead of being 'Cathy D' on the air, I became 98 Octane Cathy.
      Now an expert at pumping gas, this Cat can check the oil, A/T fluid, brake fluid, coolant, tire pressure and change her own air filter.  I do draw the line at oil changes, but who knows since independence and self sufficiency are my goal.
      Please note!  You can save a few bucks by buying your air filter at the auto parts store and put it in yourself. It's EASY.  Depending on the make and model of your ride, you can save some bucks. The appropriate timing for changing the air filter seems to be every other oil change .  Put on some rubber gloves and go to it.
      Here's wishing you a wonderful Country Weekend full of fun.                                        © Cat Brennan

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  1. Catherine, I have my cup of coffee this morning and my feet up and I've enjoyed looking through your blog. It's a relaxing morning for this country girl!