Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Country Family and Friends:

It's been a long time since we visited; I did not fall off the planet. Life happens even in the country and in country hearts.
computer 6
I've not posted any new pictures or projects lately because my dinosaur computer is slowly but surely giving up the ghost! Not to worry! Very soon, the old HP will go to that great cyber-heaven in the sky. I'm moving all my ''stuff'' to another system, so I should be popping up in your in box more regularly once again. Thanks for your patience.

What a delightful adventure it's been, moving from winter through spring; now we're in the throes of the start of summer ... loving the warmer weather and I assume you are as well. Very recently, a wonderful things has happened due to the "magic" of cyber life and social networking. I've reconnected to an "old" friend with whom I lost contact more than twenty years ago. I've added her to my blog email. Welcome, Isabel! What a blessing!!!

Daughter, Greta in Illinois, suggested that I compose a blog about uses for plastic zipper-style bags. I would love to get all of your ideas for this category and I'll add a few of my own. Hopefully, by the time I get your input, my other system will be up and running.
recycling bin

 I'm especially interested in how you not only use, but REuse and REcycle and REpurpose those bags. I have a theory about the evolution of plastic bags; rather from whence they came, but I'll save that for another day.

I would also love to hear from you regarding things you would like to see and/or read on my blog. I'm thinking about putting together a tutorial or two. Whatcha think? Right now, I'm baking clay red chili charms for ornaments and jewelry, getting ready for a July bash; also loving my country life in the city. How about you?
Must get to the laundry ... dirty clothes happen no matter where you live. Have a wonderful country weekend.

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