Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool and Nutritious in the Country

grapes largeFrozen grapes .. Yummy. I can’t claim to be the originator of this dee-lishous snack, after all, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecc 1:9), but I’ll gladly pass on the idea. FROZEN GRAPES!

I’ve tried many different varieties; large black grapes and big reds. I’ve frozen the smaller seedless whites, greens and reds. They are all so good. The only criteria I have is strictly personal .. I choose the sweetest grapes. However, you may like the tart ones. These frozen delights remind me of Popsicles with natural sugars, no guilt and I get to decide on portion size .. a single grape or a handful of these cold little globes. grapes 5When I bring home my grapes, I carefully remove them from their bag; rinsing it and setting aside to drip dry. As I remove each bunch of grapes, I wash well, then check for and remove any bad ones. Once they are all checked and rinsed, I let them sit in a colander for a few minutes to drain excess water.

Place the cleaned grapes back into their original bag and put the whole thing in the freezer. Depending on your appliance, they will be frozen in a few hours or overnight.

If your teeth are very sensitive to cold, choose the smaller grapes as they will be easier to bite into.

Take your summer country cooling one step further and look around at the other fruits from your garden, farmers market or wherever you acquire fresh produce. Water melon? Cute into shapes, balls or chunks, spear with a Popsicle stick and freeze. How about blueberries? Have fun experimenting with your favorite fruits.

Summer is in full force as we find ways to stay cool. You still can’t beat the original hydrator; water! Drink plenty and, if possible, stay inside during the hottest parts of the day.

Here’s to your Country Life whether you’re in the country or simply wish you were!
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