Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Tribute - God Bless Us Everyone

The  George W. Bush Presidential Center is accepting 9/11 Memories; stories, pictures and/or videos of those recollections.  These will forever be preserved as part of the tribute to those who fell, helped, suffered and remember the tradgedy of 9/11; that is US - we are the United States and we will never forget.  This is the entry that I submitted; that is part of the record.

     "As 9/11 unfolded, I sat glued to the television for days on end.  I stared in disbelief and when I came out, everything seemed surreal.
     Years later, I had the distinct honor of meeting a New York Fireman who had been at Ground Zero. Clarence will always hold a special place in my heart. Currently, I live in VA, but on 9/11 Denver, CO was home - far removed from the physical terror, but smack in the middle of the emotional upheaval, along with everyone else in this country.     
     We were ONE NATION UNDER GOD, and yes, WE ARE INDIVISIBLE!!! We all struggled to understand, but it is impossible for ordinary and good people to understand evil. So, we cried and prayed and called our loved ones. 
     I commend President George W. Bush, and his lovely lady, Laura, for their steadfast beliefs. I praise his unwavering strength during that time.  God Bless you, President Bush! You are still MY president.
     God bless your family, and yes, God Bless us everyone."
 © 2011 Cat Brennan

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  1. Thank you, Catherine, for posting this nice tribute to the memories of the heroes and loved ones lost on 9/11.

    As you say, God Bless Us Every One.