Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Country Cookin'

Fall has finally made it's debut with cooler temperatures, rain, light wind and changing of the colors. Beautiful reds, oranges, pinks, burgundy's, even mauve and the standard yellow, all against a back drop of many still-green leaves and a few evergreens.  Autumn on the east coast is a site to behold. I love God's wonderful paint pallet.

Check out Cat Food for a new recipe, a really yummy Quiche.  It was originally from, but I tweaked it, added ingredients and made it 'mine'.  Hope you enjoy it.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I didn't do much veggie gardening this year. However, in July, I adopted a 6-pack of "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree-Style" tomato plants for all of 99¢. They were so tall and leggy and I wasn't sure any would make it, but wanted to try. 

I put three of them in with the large container of marigolds, but had no place for the other three.  I thought I might get more soil, but they died before I got to it.  (And yes, this is a real picture of some of 'my' tomatoes - see the vine and the one that's still green).

I didn't get ripe tomatoes until a couple of weeks ago. They're not large, but I got my investment back!  I cut them down, leaving some vine and brought them in for fear of frost. We haven't had a frost yet, but I marked the calendar for October as a possible for our first frost.

When I cut down the vines, I picked one nice, almost ripe one, about the size of a baseball, and the rest (17 in all) are small, but ripening.  They are delicious; I guess it's true - good things come in small packages.

The weekend is right around the corner; hope you have some fall fun planned. I'm real busy these days getting things made or sewn and put into my Etsy Shop; that's a lot of fun.  Had my first sale, and I'm really stoked! 

Have a wonderful Country Weekend, whether you live in the country or just wish you did.

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