Monday, March 19, 2012

Country Can Do

Borrowing just a bit from an old Hank Williams, Jr. song, A Country Girl Can Survive!  And I really enjoy going beyond survival.  Recently, I saw a post online that I simply HAD to try.  I made a small ironing station to sit beside my sewing machine, repurposed an old wooden TV snack tray that I picked up for a song.  First, I covered the tray top with and inexpensive Ironing Board Cover and Pad set which I had cut in half and made to fit.  Next, I used my handy-dandy staple gun to  attach to the underside of the tray and woo hoo!  Now I can press as I sew with more ease. Pressing-as-you-go is essential to sewing, but takes a lot of time when the ironing board is in one room and the sewing machine is in another. 
You can see my new project at the CAT LITTER page. Just click at the top of this page on Cat Litter. You're welcome to "scoop out" any of my ideas! (yes, I know, bad pun)!
This mini pressing station folds up and will fit in the car when I go away from home to sewing events.  Wish I could give credit to the one I saw, but I've seen several. This little item works for all but the largest of clothing pieces, and gets me through what ever my current project is.

© 2012 Cat Brennan


  1. I'm visiting from Karen's "Find Friends Friday" party, & your little mini ironing table caught my eye. I have a whole set of these TV snack trays that I only pull out occasionally, mainly for use in the backyard, so I will be snatching one to make myself a little ironing table. Such a great idea! Oh, I'm a new follower, too!

  2. Hi Cas,
    Welcome aboard! (does the 'ironing board' welcome make that a pun?).
    Thank you for your comments. I love Karen's everything and this was the first time I had put anything on her Friday page. I used an inexpensive, new ironing board cover (for the insulation properties) and cut it in half. Then, starting on each side, I stretched and fastened with my staple gun (I love that thing). After trimming close to the staples, I wasn't satisfied with the unfinished look, so I covered the edges and staples with yellow Duck tape (b/c that's what I had on hand) and it looks great. It's really a wonderful addition to my sewing corner. Thank you for following!