Sunday, May 12, 2013

Country Raggedy Quilt

This raggedy quilt was a fun project to put together last week. This is a simple quilt with instant gratification.  I didn’t purchase any new fabric for this project; both the squares on top and the flannel ‘lining’ that you cannot see were fabrics that I already had on hand.
crzmw2.jpg (27998 bytes)

This quilt, in fact, garnered one order to make a double/full-size bed and I expect more will follow.

The top are all random cotton fabrics; prints, solids, batiks and a host of others and the ‘lining’ is also of various cotton flannels. 

Putting it together is the fun part; effectively, it is self-quilted.  ALL of the seams are sewn ‘on the wrong side’ and are about 1 inch deep.  All of the seams end up on the outside, and once all are put together, each seam in clipped up to, but not through the stitching, every ¼ to ½ inch apart. 

Once all the seams are clipped, and it does take a while, the entire quilt is washed and dried repeatedly in an automatic washer and dryer. This process is what makes all the seams “raggedy”.

I used bits and pieces of the remaining cottons to sew a binding then ended up being 2 inches deep, finished.
Click ABOVE on the button "Cat-Fur-to-Kitten-Britches" to see the finished quilt.
 © 2013 Cat Brennan


  1. I'm still a novice quilter, but I do love quilting. I have never tried one of the layered raggedy quilts, but I have a couple of fun plaids and some old jeans that I think would be cute made that way. Do you have to use flannel for these quilts or will other fabrics work?

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your question. I used flannel in this quilt because the top fabrics are not heavy; definitely not as heavy as denim. If I were going to use denim, I would back it with complimentary broadcloth or some similar cotton. Your plaid would work very nicely. Just be sure that your fabrics are 100% cotton as polyesters do NOT fray. I am thinking of making a jeans raggedy quilt with red handkerchief print. Please keep me posted about your raggedy quilt; I would love to see what it looks like.