Friday, April 11, 2014


From my friend in Colorado: As a house cleaner for years I believe that the best ‘glass’ cleaner is 50% alcohol plus a hint more, and 50% water in a spray bottle.  No vinegar, nothing else.  Cheap!  (Commercial glass cleaners are so toxic).

remix,unchecked,blue,stamp,air mail,airplane,postage,clip art,media,public domain,image,svg,pngPurchase greeting cards in advance.  Get them ready at the end of the month prior to the dates you are honoring with cards.  Once you have written in your sentiment, place in envelope and add the addressee and your return address. Do NOT STAMP (yet).  In the stamp area, write the date TO MAIL THE CARD.  Then, don't forget to stamp and mail.

When you purchase greeting cards, turn the cards over and obliterate the price. I even draw a smiley face next by the obliteration.

The gutters along the curb collect all kinds of traffic trash, including sharp object that will harm your tires. Stay out of them.

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