Monday, July 21, 2014

Lint Roller

One of the neatest ideas yet in my sewing room is one I got from my daughter, Greta. I keep a lint roller near my sewing machine to pick up stay threads and, what my mom called, frizzlens!Cartoon Squirrel Lint (Black and White Line Art) I'm betting that word came from frizzy and I like it! It’s all those little threads that remain, for instance, when you rip out a seam (There is a real word, frizzling, but that refers to crispy cooking). The lint roller gets those, too. Right this minute, I’m working on some pants pockets, and although the pocket fabric is a very pretty green, it is fraying and flying like sawdust in a lumber mill.

Another of my favorite pass times is to crochet rag rugs; those can get very messy, so I've added a lint roller to my project bag.

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