Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, A Snow Shovel & WD-40®

Snow, anyone?  If you've read my profile, you know that one of the places I have lived is Colorado; left there in '03.  The final winter I lived there, we had 42 inches of snow in our back yard.  The nearby Rockies had 80 to 100 inches.  I never expected to witness the kind of snow here that has fallen since mid-December....not in Virginia!  The last 2 weekends ushered in snow well exceeding 24 inches.  Today, the snow is not so bad, but the day began with heavy winds and icey, treacherous road conditions. Alas! A snow day for this country gal. When I got my divorce, and moved to a different location in this metro area, I gave away my snow shovel and gardening shovel; this is Central Virginia ... it doesn't snow THAT much.. yeah right !! A friend took pity and gave me a snow shovel. (real compassion would have been to come and USE the shovel, and KEEP it).  ;-) So, I have a snow shovel that works!  I did spray both sides of the "business end" with WD-40 ®  before using it. That is one slick trick!  Happy Day, friends  ©2010 Cat Brennan

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  1. I've never heard about the wd 40 for snow shovels. After all these years in Colorado you would of think someone would have told me. But now I know. It's 15 degrees here in Denver and we have bout 5 inches on the ground-nothing big. But I'll be ready for the next 40 incher. We did hve a 28 incher here on the west sode of Denver earlier this winter.

    Denver, CO