Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Country Frustration

Fun Country Frustration.  No this is not an oxymoron! This is a fun way to rend your frustrations in a "politically correct" manner (I have it on good authority that these little dollies reap a LOT of attention in an office atmosphere). Dammit Dollies! ! !
This is fun project that involves a plethora of interests and a solution or two for the everyday life of occasional aggravation.
Before I continue, let me give credit where credit is due; you'll find the link at the end of this article.
I found these delightful dollies at that web site, embellished on her ideas and made a dozen for the GFs.  I drew my own pattern, but she has one you can use; or draw your own.
I also made "fabric gift bags" to hold the dollies and appliqued hearts on each (remember the heart stamped napkins a week or two ago?  Same heart pattern). 
You'll find 'my' dollies and the fabric gift bags at the page CAT FUR to KITTEN BRITCHES, along with the little poem. Don't get offended .. these little Dammit Dollies are intended for fun. In fact, the original "delightful dozen" that I made have evolved into several more. One of my GF's wanted one for her mother for Mother's Day, so I  whipped it up right quick and handed it to her in time for Mother's Day.
Check out the page CAT FUR to KITTEN BRITCHES to see the dollies and the appliqued gift bags.  You'll also find the poem that goes with the dollies on the same page.
Have fun, make a Dammit Dollie and get on with your life.  Lose the anxiety and enjoy the day!  CARPE DIEM ! !           © 2010 Cat Brennan

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