Friday, May 28, 2010

Country Summers Manners and Peaches

Do you remember the ad jingle "way back when" for one of the big automobile dealers that starts out with "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and....."?  I have inserted SWEET TEA at the end of that jingle. Here in the south good manners, a clean handkerchief and sweet tea are for every day living, not just for company and Sundays.
Never ever tell some they're ignorant or stupid or dumb or lacking in intelligence (or all of these)! Not good etiquette .. just glance up, with eyes that are dappled with question, then simply state, "Well bless yo' heart" .. with voice full of concern. That goes with what Mama taught me early on, "Be pretty if you can, witty if you must, but, be pleasant if it kills you" (author unknown).
I digress ...
Sweet tea is as southern as it comes. Sometime ago when I lived in the Land of Enchantment, my young grand daughter came for a visit.  We went out for a meal and she ordered Sweet Tea. The not-so-kind waitress informed her, "We have tea and we have sugar and you can make  your own."  Bless that waitresses little ole heart!!!
I have some simple add-to's for Sweet Tea that will make even the Southern-est Southerner come calling.
My all time fave is Peach Tea. You'll find my delicious recipe for that at the CAT FOOD page.
I never met a peach that I didn't like.
If YOU have a favorite go-to or add-to for serving Sweet Tea, send it to me. I just might add it to CAT FOOD.
Have a happy Country summer, no matter where you are.

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