Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Country Yarn

Yarn is one of those items in your Craft Cache that has so many uses; remember REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE, and I love the word RE-PURPOSE. Be sure to save any yarn have left from a project; it doesn't take up a lot of space and  you'll find so many things to do with it; for instance ...
In my yarn stash, I have baby, sport weight and white fuzzy angora yarns for making my Ojo Christmas Angel Ornaments. I do use yarn for 'regular' crochet work, and so much more.
Head on over to my CAT FUR to KITTEN BRITCHES PAGE where you'll see a receiving blanket I made.. it's double thickness flannel with a crocheted edge; Hot Pink Yarn, worsted weight, no less.

"A Good Yarn"© is the second book in a series by Debbie Macomber, whom you may recognize as one one of my most favorite authors.  The set is called the Blossom Street Series. Debbie is known for  her knitting, to say the least, and she KNOWS YARN. . . I digress...

Leftover colors of like-weight yarn will make up into granny squares for a beautiful afghan (contrary to some youngsters with whom I'm familiar, that word is NOT aff-a gan and it's also NOT aff-ri-can).  Work the granny squares together with some nice black yarn; black just seems to be THE COLOR for granny square coverlets.

Consider crocheting solid squares from different colors of yarn, again using like-weight, for some down-home coasters.

Quickly ID your luggage at the airport carousel with yarn!  Make LARGE pom poms of your favorite color, multi colors or whatever you actually have in the yarn leftover bag.  Attach to your luggage with strong string, a tie-wrap or garden strength twist tie wire.

Replace ribbon on gifts and packages with YARN! Red, green or the two together takes care of all your Christmas presents, pastels  are sweet for baby gifts, white for weddings or baby dedications, green for March birthdays, red for February and tie up the July occasions with Red, White and Blue.

Do you have any really neat ideas for re-using or re-purposing yarn?  Email me with your ideas and I'll share the best with everyone.

May your life be blessed with good reading and good crafting in the country.

© 2010 Cat Brennan

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