Saturday, January 14, 2012

Country Discounts for Senior Country Folks

Dear Country Shoppers,

Do you like to "save a buck" when you can?   OK, I know there are some of you who don't want to admit to being old enough to get a senior citizen discount, but personally, I like my bank account more than I like my pride.  Some of these discounts start as early as age 55, and these days, that's not "old".

Kroger, the largest food chain in America, offer discounts of up to 10%; the day is decided on a local basis.  Here in central Virginia, our Kroger Stores off a 5% discount every Tuesday to youngsters over the age of 55.  
Ross: Dress for Less gives a 10% discount to this same age group, also on Tuesdays. 
Senior Day at Hancock Fabric is the first and third Wednesday of each month and they offer a 15% discount to those who are 55+.

Your "Kroger" might be King Sooper's in Denver, or Smith's in Albuquerque - Kroger has many different store names; as they purchased "local" food chains, they had the good sense NOT to change the store name.

There are so many discounts "out there" - you just need to know where to look, and I looked!  Rather than 'reinventing the wheel', I'll pass along this web site where you'll find over 120 stores, restaurants, motels and a variety of other services.  Just click here for that list.

Happy saving for all my country friends whether you live in the country or simply wish you did.

© 2012 Cat Brennan

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