Monday, January 2, 2012

Country New Year

new year streamers
     How was YOUR Christmas?  Was Santa good to you?  Mine was a delight with so many wonderful gifts and time with part of my family.
     The Christmas Eve Church Service was delightful.  Two of  my grand daughters sang with the choir - can you say PROUD GRAMMA? 
     The east coast family had Christmas Eve gifts and goodies at married grand daughter's home; what a wonderful time and her home was delightfully decked out in wonderful holiday fashion. She served some cute little 'penguins' and her Parmesan Canapes were to die for as well as pretty.  She used the lovely white napkins her Aunt June machine-embroidered for her wedding and the presentation of those was really nice.  I've posted pictures of these on the page Cats and Cat's Kittens.   
     I will be sharing some of the gifts I made, as well as the annual ornaments I produced this year.
     One of the things I would like to try out this coming year are some craft and/or sewing tutorials.  There are zillions 'out there' on the Internet, so I thought I would add my 2¢ worth!  Any input out there?
     Here's a neat idea from Martha Stewart that is both practical and functional. To check out her web page, just click here.
     I'm praying that the New Year will bring you what you want and all you need. Plus, I wish you that Perfect Peace that passes ALL understanding, Wisdom and Joy. Until next time, Happy New Year, whether you live in the Country, or just wish you did!

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  1. Hey Aunt Cat. I couldn't open the photos you posted? Try the link again, if you would. Can't wait to see these penguins!