Sunday, June 3, 2012


Country Spring is marching its way into Summer, and I've got my container garden started!  It's exciting to know that I'll enjoy the some great veggies (maybe even freeze a few?) later in the season.  I did have to put out some special bait to "feed" my slimy friends, the slugs (thanks to a special friend for that tip, or I may have lost all my plants) and yes, it's safe for veggies and an organic product.

gardening plant shovelSo far, I have 2 varieties of tomatoes, 2 varieties of chili peppers: hot New Mexico and mild, sweet yellow banana peppers, dill, rosemary, green and opal basil, green onions and 2 varieties of lavender.  Also, intermingled among the edibles on the patio are some mums, a Pansy that won't give up her winter ghost, 2 varieties of hens and chicks and a sweet little ground covering sedum.  I'm going to try a container of summer squash, too.  The Topsy-turvy will have to wait until next year as I'll be out of town for a full week and no one to water it.
A visit to a friend's home a couple of weeks ago reminded me of a beverage that I really enjoy in the summer.  Sweet tea is a staple in the south as much as cheese is in Wisconsin and grapes in the California vineyards.  Out west, one has to add her own sugar - in the south, if you prefer it, you have to specify UNsweet tea.  When I was still living west of the Mississippi, during a visit, my grand daughter ordered sweet tea in a restaurant. The waitress (obviously not knowing the genteel ways of the south) informed her, while pointing to an object on the table, "There's the sugar and you can sweeten your tea however you want it."
iced tea pitcherI digress, a favorite summer beverage:  Sweet Tea with Lemonade.  Frankly, I don't like really sweet tea, but I've gotten around that. While visiting in Arkansas some years ago, I discovered mixing my sweet tea with lemonade is the answer and the best of both worlds - I did this in fast food places where you dispense your own beverage and ordered this concoction in restaurants, alike. 
My simple recipe is to brew strong DECAF tea, enough for 2 quarts, and sweeten while it's still very warm.  Add 2 quarts lemonade.  Serve over ice  and enjoy.  Be sure to refrigerate the remaining beverage.  I like this so much better that iced tea with lemon.
Hope your week is great and I would love to hear from all of you; especially container gardeners.
© 2012 Cat Brennan

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