Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Lovin' Life

I'm long overdue in adding a post .. but I'm loving life and staying busy! I ask you, "When did I ever have time to work?"  Great Grand Daughter, Piper Adicen, is due to make her debut in less than a month into the world.  We had a baby shower for her sweet mommy, Crystal, and it was such fun (You might remember the pictures I posted three years ago of my beautiful grand daughter's wedding). The wee girl will be so well dressed and already, she is so well loved.  Check out the page above, Cat Fur to Kitten Britches, to see some of the gifts I made for the baby.

After you visit the 'fiber-art' page mentioned above, check out the Cat Food page , also above, to see the Duck Pond Cake.

© 2013 Cat Brennan

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