Friday, July 2, 2010

THE WEDDING AND A New Country Look

How do you like this new look?  We'll try this one for a while..
THE FAMILY came together in Southern Maryland and we had a wedding. My first grand daughter, Crystal, began her wedded bliss on June 19th with Will . He made such a handsome groom. 
She was an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful bride in a magnificent white gown and a simply elegant veil.
Family of the bride from New Mexico, Illinois and Virginia joined this sweet celebration. The groom's family came from far and wide, as well.
In the next few blogs, I'll share more with you regarding wedding fun, frolics and fixings, but for now, please enjoy the wedding photos I've posted at the CATS and CAT'S KITTENS page (and yes, I made the bouquets).
©2010 Cat Brennan

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