Sunday, July 11, 2010

Country Crafting

Hi Country Cats and Kittens!
Now that we've "had a wedding", I get to tell you about a few more things that I enjoyed crafting for this wonderful event.
The lovely bride outdid herself in "doing for others" .. so many gifts for the guests, for the bridal party .. no one was left out.
One of the most challenging gifts that Crystal asked me to craft was a gift for each lady in the bridal party; "pretty hangers" .. we looked at zillions of web sites and I perused the many craft books that I own.
I finally settled on a padded style.  She and I purchased the satin last fall:  yellow for the two moms, lightly glittered blue for the younger sisters, black for the brides maids and sparkly white for the star of the show.
I removed the "slacks" wooden dowel from each hanger, saving for another day", then wrapped each hanger with polyester stuffing. I then had to cover the padding with clear plastic wrap so the satin sleeves would slide over the works.  The four bridesmaids' hangers were nearly identical to one another, but each of the rest were different.  Crystal's was my favorite.  Starting out with the white, glittery satin, I glued on white lace that had a sparkle thread in it and gave it a 'finished' look with very narrow white sating ribbon (1/16th inch wide). I then added a bow and hanging ribbon to the hook, and the final touch was a beautiful, round chandelier crystal (3/4" with a point at one end where the hanger hole is located). This particular crystal holds sentimental significance because it belonged to her mama some thirty years ago.
I've posted pictures of these gift hangers at the page CAT LITTER.
Hope your life is full of Country Blessings!
© 2010 Cat Brennan

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