Friday, August 19, 2011

A Country Gal Can Repurpose

Zipper-style plastic bags are a wonderful invention.  Personally, I don't like the ones that come pre-packaged with frozen foods etc., mainly because the zippers are narrow and often don't track, lock and zip shut easily.  I usually end up tearing them and just opt for a clothespin or an office clip to fasten the bag shut. 
Office Supplies Clip 1
Let's move on to your ideas for re- purposing 'clear' zipper-style bags.  These come in sizes from tiny snacks to large 2 1/2 gallons - maybe  larger, for all I know! 

A friend here in Virginia took "salad-in-a-bag" to a pot luck dinner. Everything but the dressing was in the bag, ready to eat. No mess, no bother.

Some of my grand children do NOT like milk on their cereal, so mama in Maryland gives them cereal-in-a-bag.  This is a fun way to get the little ones to eat their morning meal and a great idea for grab 'n' go breakfast.

From Colorado, "The only thing unusual to me is that we put leftover spaghetti in plastic storage bags. works fine."

wedding diamond ringFrom another friend in Virginia, "I volunteer at a gift shop where I often unpack new jewelery that is in little tiny zip lock bags.  I recycle the bags by placing one set of my earrings in each bag.  The bags keep the pairs together, are easy to see through, and lie flat in a plastic box that fits in my drawer (the plastic box once had delicious chocolate in it).  I also use sandwich size bags for necklaces that hold their circular shape and often have beads attached to them."  She continues, "I use and reuse sandwich size zip lock bags for all of the items needed for craft projects for children.  I recycle them so much that I only throw them away when they are totally ripped down the side." 

Daughter in Illinois uses these "magic'' bags for a plethora of things ... I got to see her very well organized craft and sewing room where she had all the items for various projects separated into these bags in all different sizes.  These make it easy to find the project she is working on and keeps everything corralled.

magnetFurther, she has small bags held with 
magnetic clips on her refrigerator; these hold her coupons, boxtops, twist-ties and such. 

Also from Colorado: Friend VM develops and designs web sites. She stores the products associated with her clients in large, gallon size bags and files as a much neater file folder.

How about you?

Hoping you can keep it Country as the summer winds down, whether you live in the country, or simply wish you did!

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  1. Cat,
    Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful ideas. I once read that if your apartment is infested with bed bugs, and you need to decontaminate small items, you just place the item in a zip lock bag for 18 months. Make sure it is zipped up tightly, and the bed bugs will finally die of starvation. Not a particularly pleasant use for zip lock bags, but it works. D.