Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Country Jars Part IV

bananas outline

Repurposing ideas for jars are still trickling in; this latest from sister, June, who lives in NM. 

This is one cool idea, and I hope I can relate the story as June told it to me.  Recently, a visitor brought Banana Pudding to a function at June's; not just ANY Banana Pudding ... individual servings of Banana Pudding in small jars with lids and rings!
The pudding was put into little half-pint canning jars; a perfect serving size (8 oz), these little jars have a wide mouth, making them easy to access the food with a spoon.  These jars are normally used for jellies and jams, but what a wonderful country idea.  She brought them in a basket and June refrigerated the lot until time to serve dessert. 

To dress up the jars, the friend added pretty paper on top of each lid and THEN added the ring.  You have probably fitted pieces of fabric onto jar tops to gain a real country-hand-made look, but the paper is a clever twist: pick your season, theme, color .. endless ideas.

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Happy Country Times to you.
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