Saturday, August 13, 2011

Early Country Christmas Thoughts

Hello Country Friends!
     With the fire in the Great Dismal Swamp here in Virginia and the smoke generated from it, I've decided to stay inside today. It did rain here earlier, but the effects of the smoke linger. To me, it smells like burned Worcestershire sauce; a friend noted on Facebook that it smelled like the burning peat fires over in Ireland.  I would love to have first hand knowledge of that "fragrance" .. someday.
     Today, I'm rearranging furniture. Now, before you "start" on me, I'm not a regular furniture re-arranger; it's too much work (and like my mother, when I find the "way I like it, why change it?).  However, I have a couple of pieces of furniture that need to be moved from room to room, so, I'll get out the round sliders and get to it;  the end result will be getting the television OUT of my living room.
     Had a nice phone call yesterday from sister June.  She had a couple of neat blogging suggestions, one of which I'll pass on to you now. 
     I'm joining June in the suggestion that we share Christmas Ideas NOW. If you're like us, you're already thinking about what you'll do; make and bake, craft or sew, quilt or scrapbook, photograph or glue - you get the idea ... all ideas welcome for the holidays, so please share!
     I'll pass on your ideas as they come in; FYI .. I pretty much use your verbiage and only change if necessary for space or grammar-sense.  So, get your Christmas on, and send along your neat ideas.

Have a wonderful Country Weekend!
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