Thursday, November 17, 2011

Country Thanksgiving


For most of us, that's a National Holiday, offering some a chance for a short holiday and a day to cook and consume huge quantities of food. 

thanks giving turkey colorfulThis idea is just in from my sister in Belen, NM. June wrote:
"I like reading your blog. Here's how I use zip lock bags. I keep quart and gallon size always. I make broth from chicken, turkey, etc. bones. I measure out 4 to 8 cups of broth and put it into a zip lock bag. I label the bags with the quantity, 4 cups; date; and contents, chicken broth, etc. I freeze the bags flat. When the bags of broth are frozen, I store them on the bottom shelf, standing like library books. The same works for spaghetti sauce, apple juice, etc. My freezer is orderly and I can access the broth, etc. easily.
I freeze 1-4 cup lots of roasted jack o'lantern/pumpkin, left over gravy, red chili, etc. in quart bags. I label the bags, contents, quantity, and date; freeze them flat and store them in the freezer door."  Thank you, June .. some great ideas just in time for great food and their left-overs.

June also had a nice Christmas gift idea, which I've added to the Christmas, Country Style page. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, whether you live in the country, or simply wish you did.
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