Friday, February 3, 2012

Country Organizing

 We're approaching another weekend in the Country.  Just in time, an organizing idea I've found useful. Interestingly, I've seen this idea pop up lately in several locations, including Martha Stewart's online tips.  This is a great way to save space and it keeps all of your spray-bottles handy.  I've been doing this since I moved into my apartment more than three years ago.  Since the "big gun gurus" of homemaking and organizing have published this tip as a "new" idea, I thought I should put in my (old idea) 2¢ worth.  You can see that I've labeled ALL of my spray bottles, even the commercial products, with a trusty permanent marker - I can locate at a glance which one I need. The other 4 spray bottles (my home-brew cleaning products) contain (from Left to Right) Vinegar/Water - in a 50/50 ratio for all-purpose light-duty kitchen cleaning, next LOC, an Amway bio-degradable product I've used for 40+ years, third, an Ammonia mixture for window care and lastly, a Three-part Mixture for treating stains on clothing (this works so much better than any of the commercial stain-treatment products). These are all within easy reach just off my kitchen area. Simply hang the bottles by their "triggers" slipped over your apparatus.
In my apartment, the utility room and all the closets are fitted with these white rack and shelving units that you see above.
Martha's tip included installing a spring-loaded "curtain rod" under your sink for these bottles.  The idea is to get the bottles with their "trigger-like handles" off the floor or shelf to make room for other items.

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